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Why MS Jewelary Us is best Choice for Gold Jewellery?

Our Collection

We present a collection of jewellery suitable for any occasion. Have a look at our offering:
Production Facility

From the concept to the finished piece, the complete process is conducted with precision and attention to detail in our production facility. The facility in Prakasam is well-developed to showcase our works and facilitate jewelery manufacturing. The premise has all the basic necessitates, like regular supply of electricity, clean drinking water, computers, toilets, etc., for the convenience of personnel. The complete process, involving design, cutting and forming metal, soldering, casting, stone-setting, to enameling, and polishing; is executed using precise tools and equipment. The company has the capacity and capability to produce 10kg jewellery per month. And with the support of our fleet of vehicles, we safely deliver the orders to the final destination at specified time.


As we are providing the precious gold jewelry, it becomes important to examine it's quality before delivering it to the final destination. The quality control department  plays a critical role in final approval of the finished jewellery piece. We have experts having in-depth knowledge about the jewelery. They check and re-check each of the jewellery piece crafted for any manufacturing defects. The quality of each piece of jewellery is checked based on its:
If any kind of defect is detected, then the particular piece is send back to the craftsmen for rectification.

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